I just recently returned from my first trip to Egypt.
I spent 11 days there visiting a friend and travelling about this vast country, and still I didn’t see all that it has to offer.

With millennia of history and some of the most outstanding landscapes of the world, Egypt is a truly breathtaking country.
From the overcrowded streets in Old Cairo you can travel down a maze of market stalls and end up in a workshop area where goods makers work, hunched over wooden benches and tables hand crafting goods for sale elsewhere in the market areas.
The streets of Cairo are very crowded but if you have the time (or in my case a local with the right knowledge) you can find little oases of calm and relaxation.

Besides Cairo I also spent time in Alexandria, Aswan and Luxor.
Aside from the very impressive library, Alexandria served up a most incredible sunset.
Aswan is a city on the east bank of the Nile and is a perfect place to relax. We took a leisurely Felucca ride on the Nile, taking in the sights and sounds that the river and the city offered us.
Luxor is like an open air museum. The Temple is mainly below street level, but it’s not covered. More of a tourist haven than Aswan yet still fairly relaxed and laid back.
I’ll be posting about these places specifically over the next few days (or so) but for now a┬ávery small selection of images are below.

I’d like to thank Lesley and Haitham for giving up their time to make my stay in Egypt such a wonderful experience.
If it wasn’t for Lesley, I wouldn’t have visited the country at all, and the local knowledge – and incredible ability to negotiate with the locals selling services (seriously, this guy should work for the UN or something) – that Haitham brought to the trip was almost invaluable.
Thanks guys, you made the trip to be something special.

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