First Panorama Created with Lr6

Dyrhólaey, Iceland

Dyrhólaey, Iceland – click to enlarge

The above picture is combined from 5 individual images taken of Dyrhólaey, Iceland, from earlier this year.

I expressly took several shots to combine in to a panorama image and hadn’t got around to the task … and then along came Lr6 with the facility to merge images, and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to test this new function.

It was a painless process, taking just a little longer than normal for saving and exporting.
I exported as a full-width image, but only uploaded a 2,048 pixel wide version here, for demonstration purposes.

The ability to now edit a whole complete merged image from within the one application is a real bonus.
Previously I had to use different image editing software (Pixelmator) or export from Lr in to Photoshop, make adjustments, re-save and re-import back in to Lr.
It is now so much easier with native Lr merge and panorama creation.


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