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A Week by the Coast

I recently spent a week on the North coast of Northern Ireland. I’ll say right here and now that this was not a photographically satisfying trip.

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North Coast, N.I. – July 2015

A few images from the last week in July 2015, when I took a week off work and spent it up on the North coast of Northern Ireland.

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Downhill Forest

On a quick trip up the North coast of Northern Ireland, I took some photos in Downhill Forest, that’s a small mixed woodland just inland off the coastline near Castlerock. It’s somewhere that I’ve wanted […]

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The Dark Hedges

Some time ago I realised that I hadn’t really explored the places that are, geographically speaking, on my doorstep. With that in mind I’ve been making more of an effort to get out and about […]

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Sunday Sunrise

I’ll try and keep words to a minimum here. Some things get me out of bed (work) and some things I get out of bed for (photography).

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Downhill, Castlerock, Mussenden Temple & Gortmore Photo Trip

As part of an irregular series of photo trips with work colleagues out and about in Northern Ireland, we decided to visit a few locations up on the north coast of the country.

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Scrabo Tower

I decided to take a run out to Scrabo Tower today. It’s a place I’ve long wanted to visit but just never really had the proper motivation. Well, today was that day. I checked the […]

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