Scrabo Tower

I decided to take a run out to Scrabo Tower today.
It’s a place I’ve long wanted to visit but just never really had the proper motivation. Well, today was that day. I checked the weather forecast yesterday and the outlook for today was good (sunny).
When I got up it was looking a little overcast, and I Ideally wanted it to be clear if I was going to get a sunset from the top of the hill, so after checking the forecast again this morning I was pleased to see that the outlook for the rest of the day was still good.
So I packed the car and set off.

The tower itself is open most days of the year, but today I got there just a little too late to actually get inside it, so that’ll have to wait for another trip, but the weather was perfect to capture a really dramatic sunset as well as some great views from the hill, including an impressive sight of the Mourn Mountains.

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