A Trio of Firsts

Finding new photography locations these days is not a difficult task.
There’s any number of websites and phone apps catering to this task, but what I find infinitely more difficult is finding new locations to me that haven’t been photographed so many times that there’s nothing new to be gained from them.

I don’t mind taking the iconic image from already well photographed locations, but after that I personally like to try and find a different way of viewing and then seeing if that would make an interesting photograph.

With the above in mind, let me introduce you to three images from three locations that I haven’t previously photographed before and have only very recently visited for the first time.

White Park Bay

White Park Bay :
I must�ve driven past the turning for this beach two-dozen times or more (and that�s just over the past couple of years!) but I�ve never visited the beach itself until now.
I was actually trying to access another location, so discovering this little beach was absolutely a very happy coincidence.
It was an incredibly challenging situation to try to capture an image – heavy showers of rain, unyielding strong winds and driving sand do not make things easy when all you want to do is take a nice landscape photograph.
Thankfully the wind was battering me from behind, so I was able to successfully shield the camera from the worst of the weather, but everything came away from this location soaking wet and covered with sand.
It certainly made a memorable experience.

Elephant Rock


Elephant Rock :
The sea putting on quite an impressive display of waves the day this was taken.
Just one of the images from my first visit to this location, which is a short walk from Ballintoy harbour. It is a 70ft. rock, so you can imagine the power of the waves the day I visited.


The Lone Tree

The Lone Tree :
In the foothills of Fair Head, along the North Coast of Northern Ireland.
The drive down to this tree was absolutely breathtaking.
Located at the end of a long and winding road, right on the edge of land before it meets the Atlantic Ocean, this tree was a treasure to find.
Fair Head is just out of frame to the left and that land mass on the horizon? That�s actually Scotland.
All of the above locations I will be visiting again, mostly to try and achieve different compositions in differing weather conditions.
There’s nothing wrong with re-visiting locations again and again, even if you think you have the very best photo that a location has to offer that doesn’t mean you can’t get an equally good image with different characteristics.
The above images have been posted individually on Instagram – links below :
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  1. Patsy Reavy 21/10/2018 at 11:20 #

    Love a differnt perspective on things Mark, Thank you for sharing. Lovely shots.

    • Mark 21/10/2018 at 15:41 #

      Thank you Patsy. It was a real joy to discover these locations despite regularly visiting the area they are part of.

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