North Coast – Blue Hour

A selection of the nighttime images taken the week beginning Monday the 5th of October, 2015 on the North coast of Northern Ireland.
It is the first time I had actively gone out by myself and taken photos during blue hour.

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North Coast – Day

Some of the daytime images taken the week beginning Monday the 5th of October, 2015 on the North coast of Northern Ireland.

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Murlough Beach and the Lunar Eclipse

It was just meant as a quick little Sunday evening visit to the beach that turned into an evening of moonlight photography.

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North Coast, N.I. – July 2015

A few images from the last week in July 2015, when I took a week off work and spent it up on the North coast of Northern Ireland.

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First Panorama Created with Lr6

Dyrhólaey, Iceland

Dyrhólaey, Iceland – click to enlarge

The above picture is combined from 5 individual images taken of Dyrhólaey, Iceland, from earlier this year.

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Iceland Aurora

My third trip to Iceland yielded the very first time I have ever seen the aurora.
Below is a short time-lapse of the aurora as it appeared over Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon on the South coast of Iceland on the night of February the 28th, 2015.
Beneath the video are some of the other photographs I took of the aurora that night.

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Iceland, Feb. 2015

A week ago I returned from a two week trip to Iceland.
It was my third time visiting this country and the second time I had used the company Wild Photography Holidays.

The trip consisted of the first week with the guides from Wild Photography and the second week a group of us had planned an additional trip – more about this in a future post.

The first week had a group of ten travelling to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula on the West of the island.
Traditionally, at the end of these trips, there’s a presentation of images from each of the group participants, consisting of some of the better images each person thinks they have captured on the trip.

In this post I’m going to present the images I included in this activity.

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Christmas 2014

Every year in my place of work at the start of December it looks like Santa’s Grotto has vomited all over the desks people use.
Don’t get me wrong, this is actually a welcome addition to the open-plan office that I work in; it brings a much needed splash of colour to what is otherwise a drab and dreary office interior – it’s just really the best way I can describe the decorations that get put up.

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Iceland 2015 Calendar Images

Images of Iceland : 2015 Calendar

Before my trip to Iceland in August, a friend (Nick Miners) contacted me and suggested I attempt to come away from the trip with enough good images that I can put together a 2015 calendar.
The challenge was accepted.

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