There’s been a lot of hoo-har recently about photographic workflows and what’s the best way to manage your ever growing library on your computer.
Aperture 3 was just recently released by Apple (a good overview of it against Lightroom can be found over at and this has narrowed the gap quite considerably between it and Lightroom.

Personally I’m a Lightroom user. I wanted to use Aperture, but back when I was just properly getting in to photography Aperture wouldn’t run on my system without getting a rather expensive graphics card upgrade, so I went with Adobe and it’s Lightroom product.

I’d already been given a very quick hands-on session with it whilst on a photo trip in Derbyshire and everything just seemed to click very quickly indeed.
I downloaded the demo version and gave it a thorough working through and found that, on the whole it was a very easy application for me to get along with.
I’m now keeping my eye on what’s happening with the current version 3 beta release of Lightroom and I’ll likely upgrade to that as soon as it’s out of beta mode.

There’s a couple of links about Lr I’d like to share with you, first up is 21 Reasons to use Lightroom, which is a very brief overview of  why Lightroom is not a Photoshop replacement and what it has to offer photographers compared to the pixel manipulation that Photoshop offers graphic artists.
Second link is Lightroom : What is it and When Should you Consider it? this is a less point-by-point opinion about how Lightroom can be integrated into a workflow.
I think both links compliment each other without getting too repetitive. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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